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Horse Drawn Hearse Funeral Procession

What a magnificent way to commemorate your loved one-with dignity and grace, with a horse-drawn hearse the horse brings soothing and comfort to a difficult time. Let our professional staff transport your loved one to their final resting place in grace and dignity. We will be privileged to assist you in your time of need. Our classic glass enclosed hearse can accommodate any casket for that peaceful procession for you and friends. An elegant replica of an 1850s glass enclosed horse-drawn hearse can provide a dignified journey for someone special. The hearse can accommodate a standard and an oversized casket (3' 6" wide, 2' 9" high & 7' long).

  Depending upon how the family would like to use the hearse, every service is customized to fit their needs. We travel at a comfortable walking pace allowing mourners of all ages to participate in the final procession should they choose. Drivers
wear formal attire with a top hat, or they may wear a black western cut suit with a black western hat. In addition our horse-drawn hearse is available for funeral services in Houston and Harris County area and throughout the great State of Texas. Due to ever increasing demand we ask that you confirm the availability before a service time has been scheduled. Please have your funeral director contact our office for the arrangements.

Prior to any event the horses are bathed, brushed, groomed and combed. Their hooves are inspected and maintained. We also use a diaper and a bum bag to catch any horse droppings .

The horses that pull for Horse Drawn Carriages & Hearse of Texas LLC are draft horses. The bread is Percheron. They are known as gentle giants. Draft horses are bred for heavy workloads.

The Military Cassion
This beautiful Military Cassion can only be used by military personnel. It is owend by S. C. I. (Service Corporation International) and if you would like to have your loved one to have his or her final ride on this beautiful cassion you will need to contact an S. C. I. owned funeral home. We can go to the V. A. Cemetery (Houston National Cemetery) or any other cemetery in Houston or Harris County or in the great State of Texas with this cassion.  

What a magnificent way to have your loved one that fought for all of our freedom to be taken to there final resting place. Thank You, our service personnel, for your service. The glass enclosed hearse also, can be used for our veterans and non-veterans at any cemetery.

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